What We Do

Kindergarten and Youth Centre - Carcavelos and Parede

The ABLA kindergarten and youth centres in Carcavelos and Parede tale care pf 474 children, from the ages of 3 months to 15 years old, distributed between kindergarten, family daycare, pre.school and free time support component (CATL).

Our kindergarten and pre-school teams are made up of experienced (Educators) Professionals, Trainee Educators and Educational Action Assistants, who, together with families, survey needs, plan, reflect and evaluate the way to give a qualitative, humanized and personalized response to each different child.

At ABLA, families also have an essential role in the whole educational process, so we value and encourage the exchange of experiences and their involvement in the benefit of their children. A day in one of the Kindergarten Centres alone is synonymous with a day full of significant moments with small achievements, constant discovery and evolution, make-believe play where everything is lived, invented and transformed, where every boy and girl dreams while playing and thus growing.

Our kindergarten, day care and pre-school services run from Monday to Friday (except holidays) between 07:30 a.m.and 18:30 p.m. The CATL service runs from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Team in charge in Carcavelos:

  • Kindergarten (Piu-Pius): Edu. Supervisor - Bianca Schwager. Aux. Nice Reis, Maria Roque and Madalena Martins
  • Room 1 Year A (Bees): Edu. Denise Castro and Aux. Anabela Fernandes
  • Room 1 Year B (Coalas): Edu. Myriam Marchese and Aux. Maria Silva
  • Room 1/2 Years (Giraffes): Edu. Catarina Sabino and Aux. Maria José Lopes
  • Room 2 Years A (Ants): Edu. Alexandra Tavares and Aux. Beatriz Tailor
  • Room 2 Years B (Wolves): Edu. Mónica Gil and Aux. Inês Melão
  • Preschool Room 1 (Bears): Edu. Hulda Augusto and Aux. Mariana Costa
  • Preschool Room 2 (Turtles): Edu. Carla Fonseca and Aux. Irineia Gomes
  • Preschool Room 3 (Sheep): Edu. Magda Cardoso and Aux. Johana Antelo
  • Preschool Room 4 (Squirrels): Edu. Cláudia Ribeiro and Aux. Madalena Costa
  • Preschool Room 5 (Panthers): Edu. Isabel Clemente and Aux. Loide Morais
  • Preschool Room 6 (Cats): Edu. Erika Jacinto and Aux. Paula Porto Salvo
  • CATL in Carcavelos: Patrícia Almeida, Cátia Pinheiro, Bianca Schwager, Ana Meco and Sérgio Fernandes
  • CATL in Brejos: Maria Isabel and André Silva

Team in charge in Parede:

  • Kindergarten (Búzios): Edu. Supervisor - Fatinha Cipriano, Aux. Ângela Santos, Cláudia Costa and Vera Silva
  • Room 1 Year A (Seagulls): Edu. Fatinha Cipriano and Aux. Catarina Pereira
  • Room 1 Year B (Penguins): Edu. Rute Ferreira and Aux. Helena Sofia
  • Room 1/2 Years (Stars): Edu. Sara Canhoto and Aux. Judite Martinho
  • Room 2 Years A (Peixinhos): Edu. Idalina Costa and Aux. Tania Rosa
  • Room 2 Years B (Orcas): Edu. Carina Fernandes and Aux. Cláudia Cruz
  • Preschool Room 1 (Seals): Edu. Ana Santos and Aux. Inês Matos
  • Preschool Room 2 (Dolphins): Edu. Dina Silva and Aux. Adolfo Sousa
  • Preschool Room 3 (Crabs): Edu. Eunice Alabaça and Aux. Rute Coelho

Child and Youth Centre Services

  • Music Classes (Note to Note)
  • English Classes (Fun English)
  • Psychological Consultations
  • Speech Therapy Consultations (AISA)
  • Occupational Therapy Consultations (Contact Us)
  • Meals (weekly menu)

Child and Youth Centre Partnerships

  • Carcavelos Tennis (Tennis, Karate and Ballet Classes)
  • Academia Ribeiro dos Reis (Swimming, Zumba and Nutrition)
  • Talk to Us - Personalized Health (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Psychology)

Partnership with Public Schools

Since 2006, ABLA has been coordinating curricular enrichment activities, currently in 3 public elementary schools in the municipality of Cascais, covering about 425 children between the ages of 6 and 10, as well as Family Animation and Support Activities, as well as in 2 public kindergartens, developing play activities with 100 children.

In 2011 we started the Family Support Component in primary schools, which is intended to be a response to families who, for professional reasons, can not take their children to the opening hours of schools or pick them up at 5:30 p.m. In this way there is an extension of the timetable that goes from 07h30 to 09h00 and from 17h30 to 19h00 p.m. During the school breaks (September, Christmas, Carnival, Easter and Summer) we ensure educational and play activities from 07:30 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

In September 2014 we opened a library in EB Parede. For the management of the library of the EB1 of Parede, a partnership has been established between the Municipal Council of Cascais - Educational Department, the Group of Parede Schools, the Association of Parents and Guardians of Education and the Luso-German Charity Association - ABLA. The library is a play structure that privileges the relationship between art / playfulness and reading / playfulness of non-formal education in support of educational activity and curricular enrichment, Family support and extracurricular component that aims to provide a privileged space and time for reading, playing, "being", playing and learning for the school population and for shared use with the community as a family. This year we opened the second “Ludobiblioteca” in EB Murtal and already it is a success.

Team in charge:

  • AAAF (J.I. Parede): Denise Correia
  • AAAF (J.I. Murtal): Rosa Garcia
  • AEC (EB1 Parede): Leonor Pego
  • AEC (EB1 Murtal): Leonor Pego
  • AEC (EB1 Rana): Leonor Pego
  • CAF (E.B. nº2 Parede): Suel Mendes
  • CAF (E.B. nº1 Murtal): Dina Ramos
  • CAF (E.B. nº1 Rana): Daniela Costa
  • Ludo library Parede: Leonor Pego
  • Ludo library Murtal: Leonor Pego

Contacts To Learn More

Tel: 214 549 000 (ABLA Carcavelos) / 210 533 892 (ABLA Parede)

E-mail: infantario@abla.org

Educational Area

Technical Director

Carla Simões

She was one of the first people to join the work team of ABLA's Children and Juvenile Centre in 1989. She trained in early childhood education and has accompanied hundreds of children over the years, remembering many of them. She currently coordinates ABLA Parede (Kindergarten, Pre-school and Family Daycare) and is also responsible for the AAAF, AEC and CAF components.

Technical Director

Sandra Lucena

She graduated in Early Childhood Education and in 1990 joined the ABLA team, having extensive experience in childcare. In 2017 she accepted the challenge of leaving the classroom to coordinate the ABLA Carcavelos Children's and Juvenile Centre (Kindergarten, Preschool and CATL).



For the fourth consecutive year, ABLA Carcavelos received the Green Flag Award at a ceremony held in Mafra on the 27th September 2017. Because we know how important it is to teach children about the importance of taking care of the environment, we applied for the Award of the Eco-School, which was received for the first time in the academic year 2013/2014.

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