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Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world. The deficiencies in teaching and health are factors present throughout Guinean society. ABLA has collaborated with the local NGO "Central Social" and the international NGO "ORA Internacional" in the development of a project in the area of education, school feeding and child hygiene.

This project covers more than 2,500 children integrated into 15 schools. The soap and milk programme co-financed by ORA International and the German government benefits more than 14,500 Guineans in several provinces such as Bissau, Gabu, Bafata, Oio, Quimara, Cacheu, Ilha das Galinhas, Soga, Uno, Caravela and Bolama.

Portuguese missionaries Orei and Isabel Quemol work with the school in Biambe for 600 children, and with the community in this region, with the support of ABLA. Thanks to the help of some donors it is possible to send containers to Guinea. The products of these containers are used as bargaining chips to pay school teachers and still perform the maintenance of buildings, which would otherwise be impossible.

It may the case that when donor companies offer their articles, they do not see how far their donations go - as far as the best future for a Guinean child, which, little by little, becomes possible.


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Humanitarian Help


Winfried Glinka

He was born in Germany and for many years he was linked to ORA Internacional, ABLA's conglomerate organization. He has spent much of his life serving on missions, mostly in Angola and Guinea-Bissau. Since 2014 he has coordinated the Fundraising and Humanitarian Aid Department of ABLA.

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