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Zero Debt

According to current thinking and based on the Zero Debt Programme adapted for Portugal by the Challenge Miqueias, in 2009 ABLA accepted the challenge of helping families in debt of the municipality of Cascais, counting on the partnership of the Union of the Parishes of Carcavelos and Parede and the Cascais Town Hall.

The Debt Zero programme is a Financial Educational Programme to help families in debt or on low incomes, to get rid of debt and manage a family budget.

The objectives of this programme are: to understand and to clarify people about the nature of their indebtedness; assisting people in the renegotiation of debts (including arrears), taking into account their monthly financial capacity and credit deadline; balance the family budget so as to enable financial commitments to be met; refer families, if applicable, to legal, psychological or other means of support, taking into account the resources of our partners.


Tel: 214 549 000

E-mail: dividazero@abla.org


Psychology Department

The ABLA Psychology Department has been working since 2008 and is aimed at conducting psychological assessments and psychotherapies for children, young people and adults.

The most frequent difficulties observed in children are related to disruptive behavior, sleep and feeding problems, fears, learning difficulties, delayed development, among others. In adolescents, we are faced with problems related to parents and peers, with school demotivation and difficulties in learning, with problems with personal and corporal image, amongst others. On the other hand, in adults there are many situations of stress in which therapeutic support is essential and with senior citizens they experience a greater sense of loneliness, a more severe breakdown of family ties, which inevitably has consequences for their physical and mental health.

Faced with this myriad of difficulties and requirements observed by the technicians involved in psychology and psychotherapy, ABLA invested in the Psychology Department, now also open to the community at affordable prices.


Tel: 214 549 000

E-mail: psicologia@abla.org

Resources for the Community


Pedro Mateus

Graduated in Management and Accounting, he started working at ABLA in 2009, the year in which the Zero Debt Office was inaugurated. Since then he has been accompanying hundreds of families affected by the financial crisis or other factors.

Elsa Pereira

Graduated in Sociology, she joined the ABLA team in 2008 to be "the right arm" of the ABLA Director. She is responsible for the management of Human Resources, also responsible for the management of ABLA training courses, as well as psychology consultations.

Sofia Cruz

Graduated in Communications Sciences, she started her career at ABLA in 2004 and since then she has performed several functions. She is currently responsible for ABLA information and communication, as well as for the management of some services.

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