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Home Support Service

ABLA started in September 2005, the Home Support Service (SAD), which is a support service for users / clients, in order to respond to their needs and their families.

It is intended for people who, due to illness, disability or other impediments, require, on a temporary or permanent basis, individualized and personalized care that meets their needs.

This service aims to delay or avoid the institutionalization of the individual, as well as to contribute to their well-being, comfort and quality of life within their home and family, always respecting their ways and customs, as well as their individuality and privacy.

Among the various services, we ensure:

  • Hygiene and personal comfort care
  • Household cleaning and small household cleaning
  • Acquisition of food and other articles
  • Confection and Meal Delivery
  • Laundry (washing/ ironing)
  • Collaboration in the provision of health care under the supervision of qualified personnel
  • Contact with the exterior
  • Providing information that facilitates access to community services
  • Follow-up, recreation and socializing
  • Home Consultations of physiotherapy and psychology
  • Our team is made up of qualified professionals in different areas, such as social workers, physiotherapists and direct-acting helpers, who currently provide assistance to more than 30 users/ clients.


    Tel: 214 549 000

    E-mail: sad@abla.org

    CENTRE "ComVida"

    The Centre ComVida - Senior Citizens Care Centre was inaugurated on the 2nd May 2016. The objectives of this Senior Centre located in Trajouce (S. Domingos de Rana) are mainly: to prevent loneliness and isolation, to encourage participation and inclusion of elderly people in local social life, foster interpersonal and intergenerational relations and contribute to delaying or avoiding institutionalization as much as possible.

    At the moment, the Centre of Conviviality has about 30 senior citizens. From Monday to Friday, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., various activities take place such as: computer classes, measurement of blood pressure and health counselling, movement classes with a physical therapist, cognitive stimulation activities, leisure and recreational activities, water aerobics, cinema afternoons, amongst others.


    Tel: 214453191 / 214549000

    E-mail: comvida@abla.org

Senior Citizens Area


Maria João Correia

Graduated in Social Policy, she started working at ABLA in 2009. Now she coordinates the Home Support Service and seeks to satisfy the needs of each client, treating them as individuals.

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