who we are

ABLA is a Non-Governmental Organization for Development and is a private institution of Social Solidarity

The initiative to set up this association came from a group of Germans who, sensitized to the drama of the refugees of the former Portuguese colonies in the Vale do Jamor, decided to found a humanitarian organization to provide support for these families. Since then ABLA has aimed at supporting vulnerable people, developing humanitarian actions among the less favoured population, who were mostly ethnic minorities, mainly refugees from the former Portuguese colonies, but over the years, with the worsening of the economic situation of the country, our scope has spread to immigrant families and Portuguese families with low economic resources.

ABLA supports its actions, through its own initiatives, donations from individuals and companies and protocols established with various state entities, reaching all age groups.


Our mission is to serve the surrounding community in educational, social and civic areas and to provide humanitarian assistance, with commitment, excellence and love for our neighbour in a sustainable way and to strengthen the social fabric and inclusion in society.


We want to be recognized for the excellence of our services and for the value of networking, contributing to a more just society where everyone can fully develop their physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual potential.

"Helping the needy and making a difference in the surrounding community was and is our primary goal. Children, families and senior citizens are the focus of our attention. Being part of a society that cares for the most disadvantaged is working for its prosperity and guarantee of success."



Telma Fernandes Teixeira

Director of the Association

"Throughout the years, ABLA has developed several initiatives in the social and educational area, in partnership with the Municipal Council of Cascais. The Cascais Town Hall is very pleased to count on the dynamism, competence and dedication of the Luso-German Charity Association, critical factors for the success of this partnership, for the benefit of our residents."


Frederico Pinho de Almeida

Councillor of the Municipality of Cascais

"ABLA can surprise us daily with the various activities proposed, with the initiatives in which they participate, but above all with the passion with which we work and the affection that EVERYONE transmits to children and parents."




Cristina Campos Oliveira

Eduational Manager

Values that we defend

"To be part of a society that cares for the most disadvantaged is to work for its prosperity and the guarantee of success. When we put our lives at the service of the most disadvantaged and identify ourselves with Gandhi or Mother Teresa of Calcutta, we find that there is much more to do..." - Telma Teixeira (Director of ABLA).

  • Respect for autonomy and individuality.
  • Professionalism, ethics and respect for confidentiality.
  • Commitment to excellence.
  • Efficacy, efficiency and passion in performance.
  • Availability and sensitivity in relationships.
  • Creativity, motivation and commitment to the sustainable development of the organization.
  • As Christians, present God's love to others.

History of the Institution


A team of German benefactors begin the work of helping poor families in the Vale do Jamor (Lisbon).


ABLA is recognized as IPSS in Portugal, with the publication of its bylaws in Diário da República.


Opening of the ABLA Children's Social Centre with 50 children from poor families.


ABLA receives the status of Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO).


Attribution of the Municipal Medal of Merit of Solidarity by the Municipality of Cascais.


Celebration of 25 years of the Institution with the presence of the 1st lady, Dra. Maria Cavaco Silva.


Opening of the RSI Beneficiary Families Support Office in S. Domingos de Rana.


Opening of the Social Store in Mem Martins, where the sale of items at very low prices is carried out.


Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Institution with the presence of the Mayor of Cascais, Dr. Carlos Carreiras.


On November 28, 2014, ABLA officially became an Eco-School, and the official flag was hoisted in our garden.


Inauguration of the new Venue ComVida Centre in Trajouce with the presence of the Mayor of Cascais, Dr. Carlos Carreiras and Dr. Frederico Pinho de Almeida, Councillor of the City Hall of Cascais.


On the 19th May 2017, the “Lighthouse House" was inaugurated, a transition for women and their children in situations of vulnerability. Several representatives of ABLA partner entities were present, such as Dr. Carlos Carreira (Mayor of Cascais), Dr. Frederico de Almeida (City Councillor of Cascais), Dr. Mariza Marques (Representative of the Institute of Social Security), amongst others.


In September 2017 new installations were opened for kindergarten, pre-school and family daycare at ABLA Parede, which complement the educational area of ABLA Carcavelos. This space, with capacity for more than 180 children, allowed us to give an opportunity to many children who were on the waiting list and to meet the needs of several families.